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Welcome to Irish Home Minders |Property Managers

Please see announcement for important information regarding management companies. . 


Please be advised that as and from May25th 2018 Irish Home Minders will no longer be offering property management services.

On my behalf and on behalf of the team here we wish to thank all our volunteer directors and property owners who have supported us down the last 20 years! I also want to pay tribute to the great contractors who deliver the servces on the ground day in day out. We have seen boom times, a huge property bust and now a recovery. After this time I have decided that it it time to move on to other challenges. With this in mind please contact your new agent for any assistance regarding payments or services.  I am pleased to say the Citadel Property have taken over most of our former companies and customers and will be in touch with you all directly.  They can be contacted at 01 685 3190.  Ask fro Declan or Michelle. For my part, I will be working with for, hopefully, the next twenty years.  

All the Best John Atkinson



We keep track of day to day money flows in

and out of your management company.  

We and your accounts are then independently audited to give you the confidence that all is

well with the finances in your company.

Property Administration

Who loves administration and paper work? smileyWe do. So we do it for you so you can stop thinking    about what has to be done. Then we upload it so  that you can find the information you need. Talk to Lisa, she will keep you in the loop.

Insurance Management

The dreaded fine print. Who has ever read 35  pages of small print. Michelle has! Any questions, just ask her. enlightened

Our Solutions

Management has been our focus for over 18 years, our exceptional team oversee a range of properties where residents receive the best possible management services. Our team has the experience and resources to address any issue your building may face. On web, on your device, you are always in the loop. 

Estate Management

Come home to litter picked, grass cut estates with street lights working. Work with us to continually improve the atmosphere and grounds to add value to your property and your life.  Residents associations, management companies, residential, commercial. If it has a roof and door we can manage it. 

Company Secretarial

More paperwork here,  AGM notices, minutes of meetings, budgets, filing. Writing them, copying them, circulating them. Finding them in 5 years time. Our systems automates this and make them move to you! Dependable, proven and robust.

Ancillary Services

This is the catch all. We never know what the next call will bring. From weddings in the grounds to fire engines. The good, the happy and the bizarre. ARe you an owner in a community? Drop us a line, we can help!